Top Five Favorite Android Games Of All Time

I don’t consider myself to be a really avid gamer. I played a lot of Sim City as a kid, but I also enjoyed running around outside to with my friends. And yet, there’s something nostalgic to me about gaming, which is why I am fascinated with the game apps available for my Android phone. Something about playing such amazing games on a tiny device intrigues me, which is why I’ve always got my phone out and ready to go, either by myself or head to head with others. I’ve compiled here a list of my favorite Android games of all time, though I’m sure this list could change as I discover even more games out there.

Angry Birds

So I’m a sucker for the most popular Android game of all time! Big deal! This game is at the top of my list because it is just so good. It’s got great replay-ability, and it’s well-designed, not to mention incredibly cute! I always mean to just play one or two puzzles, but I end up getting sucked into the bird/sow drama unfolding before me.

Words With Friends

I may not know what the words mean, but I eventually learn that they are indeed words that I’m using in this particular Scrabble-inspired game. The best part of it is that I can play with my friends at any time of day, and let the game go on as long as I like (until I win, of course). Really, though, this game isn’t about building vocabulary; it’s more about learning how to strategically place words together to take advantage of the point tiles. You can win with a smaller vocabulary!

Air Control Lite

I love this game, I think, because it reminds me so much of my days playing Sim City. The design is so simple and playful, and yet it can lead to some exciting moments. Essentially, as the air traffic controller, you trace with your finger navigational pathways for the airplanes to follow as they land, but you have to make sure they don’t crash into each other. The longer you lost, the more planes flood the sky. Whoever thought this one up is brilliant.

Slice It!

This game is pretty unique, I admit, but it’s extremely addictive, just like Air Control Lite. This is another finger-swiping/puzzle-solving sort of game that requires the use of your fingers and brain at the same time. Basically, you’re presented with a shape, and you have to swipe that shape to divide it into equal parts. Of course, the shapes start getting crazier, so you’re eventually performing a kind of mental gymnastics to finish the level.


All right: this is the only game I’ll pay for, I admit. It’s a game that is so well-designed and aesthetically pleasing that I don’t mind paying the few dollars to purchase it. Essentially, this game is a fast-paced side-scroller that has you creating snow for your skier to ski on and jump over. Really, it’s surreal; you have to see it for yourself. You can play it online here for free, but be sure to get it for your phone to in order to show the designer your appreciation.


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