Best web browsers for Android

Though firefox is available in its mini version they have launched Fennec specially for Android phones. This browser can be called as fastest for android and the most compatible as well. It enhances its features over saving of data using its compression techniques. Its addon called as “Weave” very fascinatingly synchronizes with the firefox of your computer and can transfer all the book marks, saved passwords etc.

Opera mini can be called as “dad of all browsers”. Each mobile phone that has been released till now has a compatibility with Opera. Now next !!!!!. Opera has launched Mini for Android as well. With some of the extra features like

  1. User support for 96 languages
  2. More improved page layout and higher resolution rate.
  3. Enhanced scrolling
  4. You can also set opera mini as your default browser.
  5. Restoration of the pages if Opera crashes.
  6. Enhanced full screen support.

It is available free for download.


Skyfire is also one of the cool web browsers for Android. They assure to keep the data browsed by the user fully private with no data trail.The Skybar holds an option for Google search and also has many social networking icons to share your websites with friends and followers. Some of its features include

  1. Multi-tab browsing where in the user can work on more than 8 tabs simultaneously.
  2. Adaptive streaming technology which assures less consumption of network and bandwidth.
  3. Finger friendly browser for having the best experience of web browsing.
  4. Free for download

As far as above browsers are concerned, xScope amongst them is not as great as mentioned. But when it comes to user experience and usability xScope rocks. Considering the multi-touch experience this browser is the best which also gives a variety of gesture recognization options


Android users can used the Original slider for management controls in the header, fast tabbed browsing, multifunctional zoom, bookmarking function and this is just a glimpse of what it holds. These are some of the browsers that we  got as the best reviewed .

If you an Android user  and you also have some more experiences please share with us where we will help you share it with entire world.


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