Best Facebook Photo Tools

Facebook Photo Applications


Facebook allows for third parties to write applications that will work on Facebook. Many of the best applications are related to photo management and editing. There are many applications in Facebook that lets you enhance, add effects, edit and possibly do anything with your photos. These apps gives your otherwise boring Facebook photos the boost they need to make them exciting and enticing for your friends to look at. Some of the best applications are listed on this site.


Download Entire Facebook Photo Albums

PhotograbberOne of the best features of Facebook are the photos albums, which allows you and all of your friends to upload an unlimited number of pictures to share with your personal networks. While it’s great having all of these pictures online, you aren’t guaranteed that they will always be available. With a great application called PhotoGrabber you can download all of the Facebook tagged photo albums that you have access to. Using the PhotoGrabber application for Facebook is great for keeping a personal copy of photos from Facebook and is an excellent way to protect them for the future.

Flipframes adds photo bling

Flipframes allows you to add Hot & stylish frames, caption bubbles and labels for your Facebook photos – Invite your friends to leave comments and props with mini sticky notes!


Photo Books, Calendars and Mosaics

With hundreds of millions of photos and videos being shared every day it’s easy to miss out on the ones that actually matter to you. Pixablefinds the best photos and videos shared on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss an important moment. Pixable has its roots in Facebook and the integration is much deeper there, Twitter integration started only in August 2011.

While Pixable started off with applications about printing Facebook photos it has now evolved into creating a personalized browsing experience by aggregating photos from different social networks and then sorting them into feeds like “Best Photos of the Day” in order of their relevance to you, Pixable also provides a notification service allowing you to follow friends’ photo activity and be notified of newly tagged or uploaded photos.

Pixable has applications for the Web, for the iPhone and for the iPad – check out the one on your platform of choice to see ways to enjoy and manage all the photos thrown your way via social media.

I love their description, “Think of us as your personal photo and video concierge”which is exactly how I use Pixable.

MIXPIXX Stained Glass

mixpixx creates visually pleasing collages from photo regions of your FB friends. The photo regions is automatically detected based on face, color and texture. The technique is called “StainedGlass” because the resulting collage with irregular shapes is reminiscent of a stained glass window. It’s free and easy! The collages can be printed, included in Web pages, or shared via email.

Social Print Shop

Print Facebook Albums to Life

Social Print Shop
What would you say if you could have all the faces that you see on your Facebook wall turned into wallpaper to decorate your room with? The Social Print Studio can produce (and ship internationally) large 20″ x 40″ prints made by quality photo paper for $25. And a digital version of these prints can also be purchased for $10.

Mypictr – Photos for Facebook, MySpace and more

The perfect size photo


Mypictr provides a free picture resizing service, which allows you to create a custom profile avatar for your favorite social network. You don’t need to install any programs, plug-ins or any other software, just upload your picture, resize it online and download it from our server. Imagine the following situation, you are about to create a new profile at a new social network and the size of profile picture is limited to a custom width and height. You would probably search for a software which will allow you to adjust your picture to the right size. With mypictr you don’t need to search for the software, all you need to do is to upload your large picture, pick a right size (or custom size) and download a smaller profile picture.

Photo Voting

Photo Voting from, automatically grabs photos from your Facebook album, and creates a poll so users can vote on their favorite. Use this application to pick the photo you should use as your profile pic, or just to see what photos your friends think are best!

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