When we talk about editing, resizing, manipulating of pictures/images most of the people use adobe photoshop program and few other softwares.

But now we have so many other softwares in the market that are free for download and they allow us to edit and manipulate pictures of any type.

Purchase of photo editing softwares is not easy for every one so, we came here with 20 best and useful softwares which allow us to edit photos without spending a penny.

I hope every body will be satisfied with this list even designers as image/picture editing is thier most common job.


2) Photopos

3) PEdit

4) Irfan View

5) Stoik Imagic

6) Digikam

7) Visual Box

8 ) My Paint

9) Paint Star


10) Image Editing Tool

11) 5Dfly

12) Acorn

13) Seashore

14) Pinta

15) Kolourpaint

16) Krita

17) Gimp

18) Pixia

19) Pixen

20) Photoscape


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