How To Add Subtitles To A Movie

Want to add permanent subtitle to a movie ? Here is step by step tutorial that explains in details how to add subtitles to a movie . There are many ways to add subtitles to a movie , but this one is the best by my opinion and it’s totally free .

2) Create folder on your computer , for example , addSubtitleFolder and all files that you downloaded above extract and install in that folder.
3) Launch SRT-SSA Converter , browse subtitle that you want to add to a movie and click Convert . The program will now automatically create an output file with the identical name as the input file except with an .ssa extension.
4) Launch VirtualDUb , go to Video -> Filter , or press Ctrl+F
5) Click on Add
6) When Add Filter window appear click on Load , select Subtitler.vdf and click Open
7) Go to Video-> Filters ->Add , select Subtitler and click OK , select converted subtitle
8) Go to File-> Open Video File , chose a movie where you want to add your subtitle
9) Go to Video -> Compression , select Xvid MPEG4 Codec and click on OK
10) Go to File -> Save As AVI

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