Simple iFrames Tutorial for Facebook – Create A Custom Page With “Static HTML iFrames Tab”!

Existing FBML pages continue to be supported by Facebook for the time being, but, unless you have already uploaded the Static FBML Application, new pages now have to be created in iFrames using HTML code.  So today I am sharing a 15 minute iFrames tutorialfor Facebook with you, that will walk you step by step through the process of creating a custom iFrames Page for Facebook using a newly developed Application.

There has been much debate about the new iFrames, including a certain amount of scare mongering about how difficult it is now going to be for non-techie people such as myself…..I really don’t know one end of an html code from another….to create custom iFrame pages for Facebook.

Let me dispel that myth straight away!  In fact I would go so far as to say that the move to iFrames is a positive development for all concerned.  We have far more software options available to us to create HTML code (which is used by iFrames)  than we do FBML code and we can now create whole websites within Facebook without the previous limitations that FBML used to impose.  Add to that the new functionality within Facebook that now allows us to interact as our page, and you have a powerful new tool at your fingertips.

App developers have been working overtime in recent weeks developing new iFrame applications or upgrading existing FBML ones.

After test driving a number of these new Apps, I have found one I really love.  The application  is called “Static HTML: iFrames Tab” and this is the App I have chosen to demonstrate in my iFrames tutorial below.

Why I like the “Static HTML iFrames Tab” App…

Here is a brief summary of why I like this Application and why I have chosen this particular Application for my iFrames Tutorial….

  • Easy to use, one-click install
  • Can display content for fans and non-fans (fan-gating/reveal tab)
  • Includes FBML to iFrames converter
  • Can create up to 12 page tabs per business page – this number has increased from three since I made the video earlier today :-)
  • Will soon be able to customize the icon
  • Import a webpage function
  • No branding
  • Great support via the Facebook Wall from the developers, Jason Padvorac & Timothy Mensing
  • FREE – and will remain free
  • An integrated WYSIWYG editor would be nice, but as you will see in the video, Kompozer, which is free software, does a great job as an HTML editor.


Here are the links mentioned in the video….

Static HTML: iFrame Tabs

Kompozer Download Page

One final word…the developers of this App, and Facebook for that matter, are working round the clock to iron out a multitude of teething problems and bugs.  Be patient if something isn’t working quite as it should and don’t be afraid to report it on the “Static HTML iFrame Tabs” Wall.  The developers are fantastic at helping their users out.

I hope you have found this iFrames tutorial helpful.  As always I welcome your comments, additions and questions in the comments box below.


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