Facebook “Like” Button html Tutorial For Fan Pages

I have named this post “Facebook “Like” Button html Tutorial For Fan Pages“, but as you can see from the like button I have inserted above this post, this Facebook “like” button can in fact be inserted into any html coded page. So why have I felt the need to share this particular button with you I hear you ask?   There are two reasons why I like this button….pardon the pun :-)

1.  It gives the option to include the faces of some of your fans or “likes”. When someone sees the face of someone they like, respect, trust and whose opinion they value, they are far more likely to “like” your page….it essentially validates your page in the eyes of your visitor.  The pictures also give the button far greater prominence and it is therefore less likely to be overlooked by new visitors.

2.  When someone ‘likes’ your page, it automatically brings up a box asking that person to share your page with a Status update on their Facebook Wall, including a link back to your page.  A status update with your page’s image, a comment from the person “liking” your page and a link to your page, is going to attract far more attention on their Wall than the small grey text that says…. “Jo Blog likes xyz page” and that currently appears on the Wall when someone ‘likes” your page.

The following short video is a Facebook “Like” Button html Tutorial for Fan Pages that will walk you step by step through the process of creating the html code you need for the button and then show you how to insert it into a Facebook Fan Page. In the tutorial I am using the Static “html:  iFrames Tabs” Application to add the code to my Fan Page.  My previous post “Simple iFrames Tutorial For Facebook” will walk you through setting up this Application on your Fan Page if you need assistance with this.

Alternatively, if you are wanting to add the Facebook “Like” Button somewhere else, such as a blog post like this one, you simply take the same code and copy and paste it to the html editor of your choice.

Facebook “Like” Button html Tutorial For Fan Pages


The Facebook Developers Page mentioned in the video is…

I hope you have enjoyed this “Facebook “Like” Button html Tutorial For Fan Pages”. As always I welcome your comments and please remember to “like” my page, if you haven’t already done so :-)


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